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BPVA Membership Terms and Conditions


1. Full Members:

a) Full Members are all legal entities, including subsidiaries and branches operating in the UK or internationally.
b) Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote.

2. Associate Members:

a) Associate Members are all legal entities operating in the UK or internationally. Associate Members may qualify for free membership of the BPVA depending on their activities. Currently only governmental organisations & institutions, universities, educational institutions & research organisations qualify under the Associate Membership categories.
b) Associate Members do not have any voting rights and may not be elected as a member of the Board of Directors of BPVA.
c) Associate Members can join the BPVA Working Groups.
d) Associate Members will have the same rights as Full Members as regards to standard member benefits however the Association reserve the right to make changes to member benefits from time to time. All such changes will be published by the Secretariat of BPVA.


1. Membership application must contain key information about the company. All membership applications must be completed in full.
2. All Membership applications are subject to approval of the Board of Directors of the BPVA.
3. The Association reserves the right to refuse an application for membership without the need to justify its decision.
4. Accepted members shall be notified within 7 working days by the BPVA Membership Manager and informed of the effective date of membership.
5. Membership will commence from the date of approval of membership application.
6. All members are issued with a membership certificate.


1. All Full Members of BPVA must pay an annual membership fee based on the correct category of membership selected. The Association reserves the right to alter the membership fee from time to time.
2. Associate Membership of BPVA is free of charge. 
3. BPVA membership year runs from date of membership approval and is valid for one year.
4. Membership fees are due 7 days from date of invoice.
5. Membership fees are due in full in advance of membership commencement and renewal.
6. In case of membership termination, membership fees are non-refundable.

7. If membership is terminated without giving 3 months’ notice prior to expiry date, the association has the right to charge full annual membership fee.
8. Membership is automatically renewed on an annual basis.
9. Membership fee is payable in Pound Sterling only.  
10. Membership fee is excluding VAT which will be added at the prevailing rate.  Companies within the EU may be exempt from VAT, providing their VAT number is supplied when applying for membership.


1. All Members who have paid their membership fee of the relevant membership year will be entitled to participate in and exercise their membership rights at the General Meeting of Members of BPVA and all other membership rights.

2. Each BPVA member shall:
a) Act in a manner compatible with the purpose and aims of BPVA.
b)  Agree to adhere to the bye-laws, which can be requested from the BPVA Secretariat or viewed on the Association’s website.
c) Keep BPVA informed of any changes in the legal structure, key directors or officers of the company.


  1. Any member may terminate membership of the Association by serving notice in writing to the head office no less than three months before the end of membership year.
  2. No refunds will be made in respect of any membership fees previously paid.
  3. Membership fees that have not been paid remain due in full for the membership year in which the termination of membership has occurred.
  4. Upon termination of membership, all membership rights will immediately and automatically cease, without prejudice to the obligation of the terminated member to pay any unpaid membership fees.

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