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Our key objective is to grow solar PV's share of the UK's energy mix. We engage with the Government at the highest level making sure the industry is represented which members play a key role in this extremely important process. By becoming a member, you will be influencing decision makers; you will have access to intelligence on current and future regulatory frameworks and market developments which is crucial to developing your business. You will also have access to high level business contacts to increase your visibility and credibility, maximising your outreach.

In the past few years, thanks to good subsidies and a strong regulatory framework, the UK has rapidly grown into one of the largest markets for solar PV by installed capacity. British and UK-based solar companies have exportable skills and expertise in all services that are required in the planning, design, development, construction and financing of PV projects. We are committed to helping our members tap into opportunities in new emerging solar PV markets worldwide. 

Membership also provides numerous other benefits, including a number of high profile networking events, Ministerial roundtable meetings, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and Working Group meetings where our members meet in an exclusive environment. BPVA events are the ideal networking platform for you to develop effective political and business contacts. By joining the BPVA you will be directly involved in the UK solar PV market.

Be involved

Take part in shaping the industry by being at the heart of the decision-making process. Work in partnership with the Government and be part of the policy development team. Increase awareness and promote solar PV as an important part of the UK energy mix.

Be informed

Obtain key information on market, data forecasts and government policies to help you plan your strategy. Get exclusive access to the latest information and regular updates on all developments directly affecting the solar PV industry in the UK.

Be connected

Make the right connections, improve your brand, develop your network and meet new business partners. Gain visibility through our website and unique marketing activities.

Be ahead

Get to know new and developing technologies and applications such as Energy Storage solutions, e-mobility and BIPV.

Be global

Let the BPVA be the first important step in helping you unlock some of the exciting new PV opportunities in emerging markets around the world.   

20 Reasons to become and remain a member of the British Photovoltaic Association


  • BPVA is the national trade association of the UK solar PV industry and has been instrumental in policy development, market creation and public awareness campaign since formation in 2010.
  • BPVA has over 550 full and associate members making it to be the largest and most influential trade association for solar energy in the UK.
  • BPVA has promoted, influenced and brought about important changes in the solar PV industry in the UK. All members have benefited from these positive changes.
  • BPVA is recognised by the UK Government (DECC, Cabinet Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Treasury and UKTI) as an important organisation, which is consulted in all-important issues related to solar PV industry.
  • BPVA maintains key contacts with the UK Government as well as the European Commission, and regularly meets with senior officials and key decision maker, which would enable us to voice the industry’s issues.
  • BPVA membership provides numerous networking opportunities for companies and organisations with an interest in Solar PV and Energy Storage industries.
  • BPVA has seven Working Groups covering Policy, Finance, Communication, Application, Education, Construction & Energy Storage.
  • BPVA publishes annual market reports, whitepapers and Position Papers on regular basis.
  • BPVA has close relations with all leading organisations including IRENA, EPIA, BSW, SEIA, BESIA and a number of other solar PV national associations globally.
  • BPVA is a member of the UK solar strategy group, set up by DECC and it currently Chairs the UK Solar PV Finance and Bankability Group at DECC.
  • BPVA publishes a weekly industry newsletter circulated to all members and the wider industry database.
  • BPVA’s annual networking parties in the Houses of Commons, House of Lords or major London landmarks like The Shard or Lancaster House are major industry event, attended by over 300 senior politicians from all parties, industry leaders and members.
  • BPVA has a number of exciting projects including “Powering Knowledge” which enables schools to access solar PV.
  • BPVA members benefit from FREE admission to all our industry events and a significant reduction in the cost of exhibiting at all major industry exhibitions and conferences in the UK.
  • BPVA always keeps its members up to date on policy changes, market trends, statistics and commercial opportunities in the UK & abroad.
  • BPVA organises a number of trade missions to new and emerging markets around the world.
  • BPVA offers a number of useful services to members including recruitment, financial, insurance and legal services.
  • BPVA membership provides access to Energy Storage industry information and major events.
  • BPVA is supporting the Rated Solar Installer programme, an industry platform to promote quality and services for consumers and businesses.
  • BPVA sponsors a number of high-end financial conferences, which are great opportunities for members to network with investors and financial institutes.


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