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Zac Monro Architects have been practising in the UK and abroad since 1995. The nature of our work is diverse: from small scale interventions in the existing housing stock to master planning and public works. What we specialise is attention to detail. We take small city plots and worn terraced houses and transform them into inspirational homes, carving-out warm open spaces flooded with natural light and bringing a note of succour to frenzied urban life. Our expert knowledge of the legal parameters and our extensive experience on the ground enable us to achieve outstanding results to a programme and on a budget. Having quietly built-up a reputation on small-scale extensions and renovations, we have branched-out to complete new-build housing, commercial office projects, and public works: including caf?-kiosks, large-scale Outdoor advertising installations and designs for mass-produced zero-carbon housing. Though a design-lead practice keen to push for excellence in the difficult environment of the Construction Industry; we respect, value and encourage the clients involvement in the design process, which we consider to be crucial to the work. Our clear and sober preoccupations are often the perfect setting for your more unusual suggestions and cravings. We are after all human. With much larger projects now in hand, and some proposals for small public works under consideration, the practice is turning its skill and attention to the environmental and social responsibilities of the profession.


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