Swindon Commercial Services Ltd

System Integrators and project developers

SCS is a Wholly Owned Company of Swindon Borough Council which has been set up to deliver innovative solutions in the areas of Waste, Energy and Heat. Swindon Borough Council is the sole shareholder of the Company. SCS was first established in January 2010 with services transferring from a Direct Labour Organisation under the management of Swindon Borough Council to a limited company. At this time, the company was delivering a wide range of services from waste collection and highways maintenance to construction of new schools and facilities, as well as the services which are currently being delivered by the retained company.

In June 2013, a strategic decision was by made Swindon Borough Council to refocus the Company on niche green energy markets. In response to this, on 1st November 2013, the Company was re-focused on Waste Treatment and Disposal, Photovoltaic (PV) installations including large-scale arrays and the activities of the DW Dunn Brand (a subsidiary company of SCS). The main driver was to generate profitable external income in a small range of emerging opportunities where returns, if realised would significantly outweigh the effort and cost of securing them and provide a financial return to the Council as shareholder. To enable this to happen, the majority of frontline services previously delivered and managed by SCS were transferred back to the Council under TUPE. The Company is now structured into 3 distinct business units which include Waste Solutions, Renewables and Heat Solutions. SCS has an annual turnover of GBP12m and employs circa 40 staff. Heat Solutions which is a subsidiary company trading under the name of DW Dunn has an annual turnover of GBP1.3m and employs circa 15 staff.


Waterside Park
Darby Close
Cheney Manor Industrial Estate

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