Off Grid Energy Ltd

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Built on the experience gained supplying power solutions for the marine and automotive industry, Off Grid Energy strives to deliver, efficient, low carbon, grid quality power solutions for people in places where connecting to the National Grid is not possible, too expensive or too complicated. We have applied our expertise to develop smart technology that delivers affordable, high performance solutions. Our systems can combine conventional power generation with renewable resources like solar PV and wind power where the result is a unique and innovative tailored solution for independent energy needs. 

We are the proud manufacturers of Grid to Go™, a transportable version of our solution that can be used as an alternative to, or together with, a diesel generator to reduce running costs and carbon emissions. 

If you are looking to build your own home and want an alternative to hooking up to the National Grid, or your existing home has been reliant upon expensive generator power for many years and you're looking to lower your ongoing energy costs, we can help, no matter how remote your location. 


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