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In recent years, the impact of our energy use on the Earths environment has become clear climate change is today one of the biggest challenges facing us. This is why our department is amongst the leaders worldwide in researching new low-carbon energy technologies and integrated systems. Our new photovoltaic laboratory is the largest of its kind in the UK, and our MSc in Renewable Energy is acknowledged by industry as being best-in-class. In addition, we are leaders in developing high-power and short-pulse energy technologies for specialist applications such as medical diagnostics and defence, along with high voltage and power system engineering approaches for the development of efficient large scale power distribution networks. Research within this Division aims to make major contributions to the fundamental understanding of modern electrical engineering and to explore applications of this understanding in such areas as: Power generation and renewable energy Short-pulse and high-frequency energy systems Biology and medicine Electrical power systems and high voltage engineering Our aspiration is to seek new growth areas in modern electrical engineering and develop such areas into substantial and sustainable R&D arena. Our research is characteristically multi-disciplinary, and we have fruitful partnerships with major UK and international organisations including BAE Systems, BP, DSTL, and NHS.

Our activities are strongly supported by EPSRC, EU, DSTL, NHS, and Welcome Trust, and our achievements are reflected in the number of international conference chairmanships, invited and plenary talks, guest lectureships, and an extensive publication list. We have a vibrant full-time research community, wide-ranging experimental and computational facilities, and healthy technical support. Our research also attracts many international scientific visitors from, for example, USA, China, Germany, Greece, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and Spain. The Energy Research Division contains several research groups representing a particular focus. Each is led by a full-time academic staff, and may include associated members from different divisions of the Department or from outside the Department. Of the particular importance are the CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems and Technology) and P3G (Plasma and Pulsed Power Group).


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