Leclanché UK Ltd

Energy Storage Companies

Leclanché combines 100 years of experience in battery research and manufacturing

Globally, energy supply is at a turning point. Climate change and the limitations of natural resources are currently driving the development of renewable energies. Consequently, power generation is becoming more volatile. In order to synchronise weather-dependent power generation and consumption, intermediate storage of energy is needed.

Energy storages from Leclanché can contribute to overcoming this challenge.

Swiss art of engineering and German production standards in connection with modern lithium-ion-technology form the basis of our high-quality products. Leclanché storage systems with lithium titanate anode are characterised by high performance, longevity and safety.

We offer stationary storage solutions, manufactured from our large format lithium-ion-cells, for homes, industrial facilities and power grid operators. Additionally, we also offer customer-specific portable battery systems for special applications, such as medical, military and others.