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Crown Agents is a trusted global growth partner, delivering practical innovation and expertise to transform the future for people around the world. As a social enterprise, we work in many different environments; in countries with growing economies and where systems and public services are fragile or there is a need for humanitarian action. We are driven to help enable long-term sustainable development as countries build a better future for their people. We do this through five pillars:

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Our people go the extra mile to get products to where they are most urgently needed. Whether that is malaria preventing bed nets to children in South Sudan, urgently needed Ebola treatment to communities in Sierra Leone or essential survival goods to earthquake hit Nepal. We specialise in transforming the procurement, delivery and supply of goods around the world. By unblocking barriers and building local capacity, we change lives through creating efficient and effective supply chains.


Solar Supply Chain Specialists

As a trusted development partner to governments and donors, Crown Agents has delivered almost 11 MWp of solar generating capacity to support public service delivery in emerging economies and fragile contexts.  Crown Agents connects innovative technology providers with local installation and maintenance service providers to deliver high quality, sustainable solar generation capacity at the lowest life cycle cost possible.


Over the last 3 years much of Crown Agents’ recent work with solar power has taken place in Nigeria.  This work began with the Lagos Solar Project. Crown Agents delivered 183 sustainable solar power enclosures to schools and hospitals in hard-to-reach locations in rural Lagos State. This was the largest such project in Africa, and brought a reliable source of energy right to the heart of the communities that would otherwise struggle for access to electricity.


2016 saw our influence in Nigeria extended. The Department for International Development (DFID) funded a project which delivered a total of 1.7 MWp to 34 health centres in Kaduna state. More recently Crown Agents managed a Japanese Government grant in order to bring 1.2 MWp to Usman Dam Water Treatment Plant in northern Nigeria. Crown Agents prides itself on the impact and the longevity of its involvement in Nigeria, and is looking forward to expanding its solar power supply chains to donors and governments worldwide.


Our projects are incredibly varied. They have included bring solar power to federal government buildings across the scattered islands of Micronesia, and to a University in La Paz, Bolivia. Crown Agents is an industry-leading expert in overcoming the environmental and infrastructural challenges part and parcel with delivering sustainable energy to the last mile.


Our success originates from our exceptional project management skills, honed by 180 years of working in developing countries, and a familiarity with the unique set of obstacles posed by working in these regions of the world.  We are adept at managing each stage of the supply chain, from procurement to final mile logistics. With a presence in over 100 countries we are a truly global enterprise, we can quickly mobilise solar energy expertise to remote and otherwise difficult locations.


Crown Agents can offer these services in relation to solar PV: system design, procurement, final mile logistics, inspection, training and capacity building.




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