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The CAA is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Through its skills and expertise it is recognised as a world leader in its field. Its specific responsibilities include: Air Safety Economic Regulation Airspace Regulation Consumer Protection Environmental Research & Consultancy The CAA: Ensures that UK civil aviation standards are set and achieved (Safety Regulation Group) Regulates airlines, airports and National Air Traffic Services economic activities and encourages a diverse and competitive industry (Regulatory Policy Group) Manages the UKs principal travel protection scheme, the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) scheme, licenses UK airlines and manages consumer issues (Consumer Protection Group) Brings civil and military interests together to ensure that the airspace needs of all users are met as equitably as possible (Directorate of Airspace Policy). In addition, the CAA advises the Government on aviation issues, represents consumer interests, conducts economic and scientific research, produces statistical data and provides specialist services. The UK Government requires that the CAAs costs are met entirely from its charges on those whom it regulates. Unlike many countries, including the other EASA member states, there is no direct Government funding of the CAAs work.


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