Members Directory

We have a wide and diverse range of members which has made us a strong platform for the UK solar PV industry. The Board of Directors ofthe BPVA has representations from all categories of membership including:


  • Solar module manufacturers
  • MCS certified installers
  • Inverter manufactures
  • EPC's & System Integrators 
  • Project developers
  • Distributors, retailers and resellers
  • Production equipment manufacturers
  • Material, components and BOS suppliers
  • Architects, homebuilders & developers
  • Universities & educational institutions
  • Research organisations
  • Banks, financial institutions and investors
  • Lead Generation, Marketing & Media
  • Consultancy and engineering companies
  • Utilities & energy suppliers
  • Recruitment & training companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Community energy initiatives
  • Housing associations
  • Local authorities & councils
  • Legal & other professional services
  • Governmental organisations and institutions
  • Roofing contractors
  • Energy Storage Companies (Manufacturers)
  • Energy Storage Companies (Service Providers)
  • Other trade associations
  • Monitoring & Energy Management Companies


Vikram Solar

Solar module manufacturers

West Suffolk College

Governmental organisations and institutions

Zac Monro Architects

Architects, homebuilders & developers


System Integrators and project developers

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