Yigit Aku A.S

Energy Storage

Making difference in the sector with innovative products developed through R&D studies through a production life of over 35 years, Yiğit Akü is a company adding value to the sector. Established by Hamit Yiğit, Mahmut Yiğit and Eyüp Yiğit brothers in 1976, Yiğit Akü has become a global company that exports to 72 countries in 5 continents. Yiğit Akü offers service through 100 main dealers and 6000 sub-dealers within Turkey with a production capacity of 7 million batteries per year. It is a prominent company in the global battery industry with Platin, Tunç, Macpower, Helden and Distalong brands.

In an area of 40.000 square-meter, YiğitAkü creates a substantial employment area in Turkey by employing 620 employees in addition to the employees in dealers. It operates in a total of 4 factories including the Middle East and Africa regions, and the foreign partnerships and collaborations. We have supplied batteries to French, Canadian, Spanish and Chilean military forces since 2008 as well as to the Turkish Armed Forces. Moving forward with a share over 20 percent in the domestic market, Yiğit Akü completed 2013 with a turnover of around 110 million dollars. 55 percent of annual sales of Yiğit Akü involves exporting to 72 countries.

Having an objective of implementing both technological and commercial projects for bringing Turkey to forefront in the international platform, YiğitAkü increases the number of exported countries as well as export figures in every year. Having made its way through to present date with R & D studies, and more importantly, investment in human factor, YiğitAkü has achieved a great success, taking the 316th place in the first 500 in the “Top 1000 Exporters 2013” report issued by the Turkish Exporters Assembly which is the roof organization of national export. With a brand value of 13 million dollars, Yiğit Akü takes place in the first 100 in the 2012 “Turkish Most Valuable Brands” list issued by the Brand Finance, an international brand evaluation company. Being established with 100% Turkish capital, YiğitAkü sets up manufacturing plants equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to manufacture quality/eco-friendly products. YiğitAkü takes the 99th place among 250 companies in the “Turkey’s R&D Champions” list, and the 10th place among Ankara based companies.

By giving importance to human and technology in particular, YiğitAkü has made its way to date, and carries on operating and contributing to the national economy for our country to take firm steps towards the future. 


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