Western Co. SRL

Energy Storage

WESTERN CO. was established in 1984 in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) Italy. It produces and commercialises products for PV stand-alone systems and it is one of the most renowned companied of this field.

Main applications:  - PV lighting systems;  - Sun trackers;  - Energy self-production systems;  - Electrification of remote areas;  - Control electronics for PV stand-alone system. Important commercial net with No. 16 agencies all over Italy. Collaboration agreements with foreign companies for European and Overseas market. Areas:  - Marketing Dept.  - Sales Dept. (Italy)  - Sales Dept. (Europe and overseas)  - Supply Chain  - R&D Off-Grid  - R&D Grid-Connect  - Quality  - Manufacturing Patent pending:  - Mono-axial sun tracker code SRM05-12 and code GALILEO  - PV votive lighting system  - Radio and GSM control on stand-alone PV systems  - Leonardo system for energy self-production  - Leonardo RPU (Renewable Power Unit)  - PV LED street-lamp;  - LED lamp for street lighting @230VAC for connection to the grid.

Collaboration with universities and research organizations:  - University of Camerino, Department of Chemical Sciences  - Polytechnic University of Marche, Department of Energy  - Tecnomarche (Science and Technology Park of Marche Region)  - Asteria Srl (Society of Scientific and Technological Research) Awards:  - Prize of UnionCamere Marche 2006 for innovation and creativity  - Eurispes Prize 2007: Western Co. was considered as one of the 100 Italian “excellences”


Via Pasubio 1/3
63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy

Tel: +39 0735 751248

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