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Energy Storage

Trojan Battery is a leader in the energy storage market based on its more than 90 years of battery engineering and manufacturing expertise, and introduction of innovative technologies to extend deep-cycle battery performance. 

Trojan's Reliant™ AGM with C-Max Technology™ line offers a "new direction in AGM technology". Reliant™ AGM is the industry’s first true deep-cycle AGM battery providing maximum sustained performance and increased total energy output to meet demanding deep-cycling requirements for renewable energy applications. Off-Grid, Hybrid and Backup systems will benefit from the true deep-cycle design of Reliant™ AGM, especially systems in locations where maintenance and watering cannot be guaranteed on a regular basis.

Reliant™ AGM is a completely new AGM design developed by Trojan engineers from the “ground up,” and is manufactured in the U.S. at Trojan’s newest production facility in Sandersville, Ga. Trojan’s Reliant™ AGM is specifically engineered for deep-cycling applications, unlike most AGM batteries on the market today which are designed for dual-purpose or standby applications, such as UPS backup. Reliant’s exclusive C-Max Technology incorporates a wide range of features not found in many of today’s AGM battery offerings.  The combination of its proprietary paste formula, unique separator, special polymer case design and maximum flame arrestors, coupled with Trojan’s manufacturing excellence, delivers increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, and enhanced durability.

In addition, Trojan offers many advanced technological features including its patented Smart Carbon™ technology in its Industrial and Premium lines in order to address the impact of partial state of charge (PSOC) on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy applications (RE).  Trojan is the first manufacturer to feature a carbon formulation in deep-cycle flooded batteries.


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