Energy Storage

Introducing VLADAR VLADAR Enterprise is a one of the leading manufacturers of lead-acid industrial storage cells and storage batteries in Eastern Europe.

Our main products include storage cells and storage batteries for railway vehicles, systems of communication and teleautomatics, for using in power stations and security systems.

- They include: Storage batteries 32TN-450 and 48TN-450 for main diesel locomotives. - Maintenance-free storage batteries 55TN-150G with electrolyte immobilyzed in form of gel for diesel-locomotive shunters of ChME type. - Maintenance-free storage batteries 28L 04 300 G and 28L 04 370 G with electrolyte immobilyzed in form of gel for railway cars. - Automatic interlocking storage cells ABN-80 for security alarm control systems. - Maintenance-free stationary storage cells and batteries of LS series (from 120 to 1000 Ah) for electric power supply stations and communication centers. - Traction batteries of LT series for for a wide range of floor vehicles and other electric traction equipment. - Maintenance-free traction batteries of PzV type for power supply of floor trackless electrical vehicles and other types of transport.


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