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Energy Storage

As industrial leader in LEV (Light Electric Vehicles) batteries, Phylion provides Lithium-ion batteries and system solutions for Electric-bike and power tool industries. Currently, Phylion is the second largest Lithium-ion battery supplier to the electric- bike market in Europe. In addition, Phylion's Lithium-ion battery is used in EV/HEV (Electric Vehicles /Hybrid Electric Vehicles). Phylion Industry is approved by the French UGAP* (Union des Groupements d'Achats Publics).

 Phylion's high capacity/power Lithium-ion batteries and innovative solutions find extensive applications as train battery, standby battery, base transceiver station battery, storage battery, and other special applications. All together, Phylion offers high capacity/power Lithium-ion batteries, ultra high power Lithium-ion Phosphate batteries and systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

 To maintain its technology edge and competitiveness, Phylion founded a joint laboratory with The Institute of Physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which focuses on continuous innovation of basic materials and production techniques. Phylion owns patents in key anode materials

 Phylion is committed to develop and manufacture premium Lithium-ion batteries and to provide high quality services to its business partners.

 *UGAP is a government owned organization that procures and facilitates public merchandising services.


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