SUNfarming GmbH

Energy Storage

SUNfarming GmbH is a company of the ALENSYS Group (ALENSYS Alternative Energiesystem AG). Founded as a quality assurer, co-operative purchasing association and planning company of BBK (Bundesverband Biogene & Regenerative Kraft- und Treibstoffe e.V., now BRM Bundesverband Regenerative Mobilität) in 2004, today the company specialises in investment controlling and project development for capital investors and the realisation and active support of PV projects for commercial and private own electricity systems. With our experienced team of commercial staff, engineers and electrical engineers we have already successfully realised projects for 350 megawatts of capacity. Leaving a clean environment to our children and grandchildren is our duty. The employees and shareholders of SUNfarming feel an obligation to observe this responsibility. We are convinced that with every newly-installed photovoltaic system we come a small step closer to the goal of renewable energies as the source of energy supply.
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15537 Erkner, Germany

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