StoREgio Engergiepieschersysteme.e.V

Energy Storage

Flexibility is bound to become the new currency in the energy system, critical to making the transformation successful.

StoREgio is a non-profit organization concentrating on the role of energy storage systems providing flexibility to future smart grids . Different kinds of storage systems such as batteries, thermal or chemical storage systems are investigated together with complementing options such as demand side management especially in industrial applications.

StoREgio focusses its work on issues critical to the market success of storage systems. These include profitable business models and attractive applications of storage systems or the development of system solutions for specific applications comprising storage elements, grid integration, communication and operating systems. Further activities address topics such as safety&security and acceptance by stakeholders.

StoREgio operates very project oriented. Regular events stimulate discussions among members and form the basis to initiating new projects. The association’s office supports members drafting project ideas, finding relevant partners and, if applicable, formulating grant application documents. In some projects StoREgio takes over project leadership.

Since 2013 the association and its members have started a variety of projects raising significant attention. An overview on these projects can be found on the website.

StoREgio works to provide tangible results to its members by offering: Exchange of experiences and ideas – discussion of practical challenges Projects related to business model development, applications and system solutions for storage systems Support in application for and management of grant projects Networking with other relevant organizations and political institutions General services and infrastructure such as rental storage systems


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