Sonnenbatterie GmbH

Energy Storage

Sonnenbatterie GmbH is the German market leader for intelligent lithium storage systems and has extensive experience in battery storage technologies and renewable energies. The Sonnenbatterie is designed to utilize as much privately-generated electricity as possible and to minimise reliance on energy providers. This includes the direct consumption of the solar power generated during the day as well as the storage and precise provision of electricity when it is required at a later point in time. Normally this occurs in the evening, at night and in the early morning. But this also implies that electrical appliances are switched on and operated when the battery is fully charged and excess solar power is still being generated. The Sonnenbatterie can do all of this, if desired even fully automatically, the user doesn't even have to be at home. As a medium-sized enterprise specializing in storage systems, Sonnenbatterie GmbH is committed to the highest quality, "Made in Germany". The Sonnenbatterie is exclusively manufactured at the company's headquarters in Allgäu, where it is also subjected to thorough quality control.


Am Riedbach 1
87499 Wildpoldsried, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 8304 929 33400

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