Energy Storage

SOLARWATT GmbH is one of the pioneers of the solar industry and has repositioned itself as part of a successful restructuring in 2012.The Dresden-based company has responded to the changes in the solar market by withdrawing completely from the mass market for solar modules. SOLARWATT now offers complete photovoltaic packages for decentralised heat and power supplies to residential customers and small businesses. Mr Stefan Quandt, who has been involved with the company since 1998, has held a majority of its shares since early 2013.

SOLARWATT GmbH now operates at full production capacity, which is partly due to its strong partnerships, including with BMW i: the Munich-based car maker has been working with the solar business from Dresden since spring 2013. The partnership centres on the provision of photovoltaic solutions for roof-mounted installations and carports for customers of the Munich-based car maker. Last year SOLARWATT also acquired the French and Benelux divisions of the Centrosolar Group.

Increasing complexity in the field of energy efficiency and the networking of different energy sources create an ongoing need for new solutions: SOLARWATT GmbH has developed the SOLARWATT Energy Manager to address this market. The energy management system measures household energy flows and adjusts them so that as much solar power as possible is used within the owner's four walls. It is a system tailored to the requirements of the final customer. All the data is presented in a simple way in the Energy Portal, the Energy Manager's intuitive graphic interface. Once it has been set up, the system functions automatically and can be controlled at any time via a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Furthermore, the Energy Manager can be adapted to individual user needs and can be extended by means of various additional modules.


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