SOLARC Innovative Solarprodukte GmbH

Energy Storage

SOLARC is your industrial partner for the development and manufacturing of innovative solar power systems, customised solar modules, solar charge controllers, DC/DC converters, as well as motor and lighting controls systems.

We are the right address for those companies seeking for an experienced and a reliable partner to develop and manufacture customised components for a solar power-supply for their product or even a complete new solar-powered solution, right from the prototype to series run.

SOLARC focuses on four major technology areas:

▪  Customised solar modules (crystalline, thin film, outdoor and indoor)

▪  Solar charge controllers and DC/DC converters as well as motor and lighting control units, especially designed for low-power solar off-grid systems.

▪ Solar irradiance monitoring devices and systems (MacSolar product family)

▪ Complete new product development of new solar-powered products, e.g. solar chargers, solar-powered GPS tracking solutions or OEM irradiation  sensors.


Glogauer Str. 21
10999 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 30 319 85 54-10

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