Solar23 GmbH

Energy Storage

Based in Ulm, Germany, SOLAR23 GmbH was founded in 2000 and is an independent provider of ready-to-use, gridconnected and independent photovoltaic systems with an international network of retailers and clients throughout Europe and Africa. The company specialises in particular in self-sufficient electricity supply systems of telecommunications transmission stations, supplying power to rural villages, street lights, and water pumps for drinking water supplies as well as providing households with a basic electric supply. Alongside private and industrial customers, their circle of clients also includes both bilateral and international nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and development aid agencies.

As system integrator and specialist for independent photovoltaic and solar thermal systems SOLAR23 covers the complete spectrum of photovoltaic and its possible field of application. As system provider SOLAR23 offers technical solutions for various requirements - with high quality, efficient, personalized and cost-efficient.


Zeitblomstr. 7
89073 Ulm, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 731 7080 99-0

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