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Energy Storage

SIZ GmbH ist the first solar company in the Palatine and has more than 20 years of experience with solar and energy saving techniques in the field of renewable energies.  Dipl. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Müller started 1991 with his engineering office for solar technology and energy consulting. Today SIZ GmbH is provider for environmental technology and more than an advisory service and point of sale. In Germany we offer a range of products in almost all environmental technologies: photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, ventilation system, heat pumps, CHP, fuel cell, pellet heating systems and rain water technique. The current product development is the SIZ PlugIn system, a solar module for the socket with battery that was developed by Wolfgang Müller

In our new company building in Neustadt which was being completed in 2011 you can see almost all techniques in function. Here we offer workshops and lectures for partners and customers.

We are proud of our assistance in the creation of the first largest Greenfield plant in Germany (2 MWp, Solarpark Lilienthal Neustadt). SIZ GmbH is still owned and managed by Wolfgang Müller and in our region a leading provider for photovoltaic.


Solarparkstr. 1
67435 Neustadt / Weinstraße, Germany

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