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SKG ITALY SPA is a company based in Parma that more than 30 years working in the field of air conditioning in the car and that of components for kitchens and gas burners. It is part of the Group Finber SpA. 

The activity was held at the headquarters mainly commercial, development and administrative. As part of the air conditioning industry, the production is the parent company entrusted Finber SPA, which since 01/01/2010 has incorporated the headquarters of Ancona (former ACP SPA) and the associated company TGK EUROPE Srl which produces expansion valves.

ITALY SKG represents exclusively the Japanese Company TGK Co. LTD, a world leader in quality and technology in the automotive air conditioning and manages some products of ALPS ELECTRONIC Co. LTD, which is also Japanese giant, such as temperature control units and other components electronics for the car.

The company has experienced in this sector a rapid development thanks to its reactivity with the customer and to the creation of a quality system based on the most stringent international standards. In particular it stands out in plastic molding and processing of Aluminium: from recent and difficult extruded working on a consolidated source of die-cast components or printed.

Within the field of "gas", ITALY SKG produces directly to infra red burners and burner steel cold forged for Stove gas. It also represents the RV Constructions Electriques, a French leading manufacturer of control systems for gas boilers and furnaces, and the company Burners System International, also French, highly qualified as regards the production of taps and burners for kitchen and Plans cooking.


Via Borsari, 31/a
43126 Parma, Italy

Tel: +39 (0) 0521 909711

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