Energy Storage  is main Installer and Distributor in Italy of Modules, Inverter and Systems for Storage. Our systems use the BEST brands available on the global market such as Sunpower, Solarworld, LG, Kyocera, Sharp, Aleo, SolarFabrik Modules and SMA, word leader for Inverters. We offer different solutions for the self-consumption using well known brands such as SMA, Nedap, Samsung, Fronius, BYD and lithium iron Batteries for system storage medium and high dimension. We just made a supply to the German Army of our lithium iron Battery packs. Sistemifotovoltaici has already installed and sold over 40 MWp, more than 1300 complete Systems and we are able to realize 1 MW installation on land in 15 working days. We developed internally a charger station for electric vehicles and a BMS for the battery control. We have projects in many countries such as Romania, Germany, UK, Brasil.


Via Giordano Bruno 144
47521 Cesena, Italy

Tel: +39 0547 380210

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