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Energy Storage

Taking advantage of the SEIKO quartz watch technology, Seiko Instruments (SII) manufactures and sells compact size, light weight, low voltage and low power consumption electronic components. This product range includes CMOS ICs, compact batteries and quartz crystals.

SII's electronic components are used in a wide range of electronic equipment, including mobile phones and wearable devices, as well as automobiles.

Lithium Ion Battery Protection IC

SII exhibits a wide range of Lithium Ion Battery Protection ICs for efficient and flexible protection of rechargeable Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer batteries in single and multi-cell applications. Primary and secondary protection ICs with high voltage monitoring accuracy assure a high safety standard. Cell-balancing, overcurrent monitoring and very low power consumption extends the battery lifetime significantly.

Compact Lithium Ion Battery

SII exhibits High Quality Compact Lithium-Ion Batteries, best suitable for small and wearable products, which requires high reliability. In response to customers' miniaturization requirements, there are various models and sizes available with some options such as thermistors and connectors.

Lithium rechargeable battery, Electric Double Layer Capacitor

SII exhibits Lithium rechargeable batteries and small size Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC) in coin and chip shape. Featuring a wide operating temperature range up to 85°C SII’s Lithium Rechargeable Battery are suitable for high endurance industrial application. Low ESR and low leakage current chip-type CPX-series is well suited for energy harvesting applications.


SII exhibits coin-type, lead and mercury free Silver Oxide batteries with excellent discharge characteristics and leakage resistance manufactured in a high-tech clean room environment in Japan. These batteries are used in watches, calculators and various industrial and medical applications.


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