Energy Storage

SEIFEL has been for 40 years one of the European leaders in thermoplastic enclosures, shelters and GRP boxes, cabinets for all kind of protection appliances : gas, telecommunication, electricity, water, industry and solar…

SEIFEL has acquired a know-how in electrical connection (Power – Service - Low voltage) and protection devices as well as other Gas / Telecom / Water technical packages, which has turned SEIFEL into a leading company.

SEIFEL, located in Saint-Malo (North West of France) and its subsidiary CLAVED in Spain are well known on both domestic and international markets.

SEIFEL ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, conceives Technical Thermoplastics products which are totally recyclable and can be entirely reused : protection of the environment is indeed one of the first data to be taken into consideration when designing products.Our experience has made us perform in twenty years, dozens of new packages in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

SEIFEL’s modular construction concept of studying and manufacturing terminals, prefab bay or shelters in compliance with the customers’ specific requirements makes it possible to develop customised packages thus preventing the need of any specific production tool.

In Solar, SEIFEL has been working in both Grid-Connected (AC and DC protection boxes) and Off-Grid (Sol'R Box, BATT'BOX, dedicated to the protection of batteries while installed outdoor).


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