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Samil Power Co., Ltd. is an international company that emerged out of the Samil Group in 2008. Samil Group, manufacturer of variable speed drivers and lift controllers, was founded in 1992. Samil Power Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing solar inverter companies globally and specialises in R&D, production, sales/marketing and service. There are currently more than 700 employees working for Samil Power Co., Ltd. globally.

Samil Power covers the whole product portfolio - from micro inverters to string inverters, up to MW stations. This helps customers to maximize the yield and reduce the investment payback period of their photovoltaic plants - from small residential rooftops to midsize commercial rooftops/ground mounted and large utility-scale PV plants. More than 200,000 string inverters have been installed in more than 20 countries by Samil Power to date (e.g. Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherland, France, China etc.) with 9 subsidiaries in Munich, Milan, Reading, Lyon, Sydney, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suqian. With more than 200 engineers in Research & Development the product portfolio covers the full range and set highest quality standards. Samil Power has a state of the art production facility certified by international standards (ISO 9001:2008 und ISO 14000:2004), as well as two R&D centres.


o   International company specializing in R&D, production, sales / marketing and service.

o   Professional, western market management by experienced PV experts.

o   Close to the customer with local Sales, Service and Repair Centres.

o   Cost-effective and certified "state-of-the-art" production facility.

o   Complete product portfolio for residential, commercial and utility applications.

o   More than 1 GW of installed inverter power worldwide.

o   Professional, global service setup with associated support centres for technical inquiries.

o   Local warehouses ensure short delivery times.


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