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Energy Storage

For more than 25 years RRC have been offering modular power storage solutions for the residential and commercial markets. Manufacturers as well as suppliers of products and services related to the production, consumption and transportation and of energy rely on RRC when it comes to designing and implementing energy storage systems. RRC power storage systems are flexible in terms of storage capacity and space needed. The configuration depends on the objectives:

 - Grid Services  - Load Management  - Optimization of own consumption (e.g. PV generated Power)  - Emergency power supply  - Island Mode  - Compensation of weak infrastructure

Power storage systems can also be integrated into other systems and devices (eg micro-CHP, heat pumps).

RRC offers all the services along the value chain. The portfolio covers the following elements: requirements management, project management, product development (hardware, software, and mechanics), system configuration and integration, worldwide homologation, EPC, production and after sales services.  In relation to the highly sensitive Li-ion storage RRC has gained a strong and demonstrable expertise.  Since 1989 RRC have been producing intelligent battery and charging systems for safety-critical and medical applications. The outstanding quality is assured by the quality system according to ISO 13485, which is particularly suitable for safety relevant products.


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