Robert Bosch GmbH - G6/PJ-ESS (Energy Storages Solutions)

Energy Storage

Bosch Energy Storage Solutions is setting the standards in the storage market thanks to the commitment and expertise of its people. Founded in 2010, we have rapidly grown to an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of highly qualified engineers, battery technology experts and business development professionals based in California (Palo Alto) and Germany (Stuttgart). As a dynamic and highly motivated start-up within the Bosch organization, we are deeply committed to providing excellent and reliable solutions to our customers by working hand-in-hand together with them. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. An optimized design and superior controls maximize the system reliability as well as the return on investment. Our continuous battery technology scouting and performance testing activities guarantee the selection of the best-performing battery technology in the market. We offer turn-key solutions which ensure an all-in-one optimized system and save time for our customers. We provide outstanding consulting, engineering and maintenance services to guide our customers from the project planning to the operating phase. The backing of the Bosch group, a leading technology supplier with more than 125 years of high class engineering, makes us a long-term partner, able to deploy the most innovative and complex solutions all over the world.


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70499 Stuttgart - Weilimdorf, Germany

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