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Energy Storage

Modern and innovative technologies made in Germany assure our prosperity’s survival and our children's future. @3 ENERGIE develops, manufactures and sells electronic devices, especially in the field of renewable energy. Q3 means highest quality of products, services and innovations, which is ensured from the outset by the experience of the founders, an outstanding supplier concept  and a coherent and integrated quality management.

Research and development for a cleaner future: Q3 ENERGIE has its own R & D department. Highly qualified and experienced engineers ensure that the products are durable and robust. The further goal is to achieve highest performances of the PV plants.

The range of products:

- Innovating lithium-ion (NMC) energy storage system Q_BEE: sustainable energy supply, greater self-sufficiency  And more independence from an increasing energy price development.

- Controlled disconnection of PV modules: Q Fire, upgradable manual disconnection by AC-coupled safety circuit

- Extensive spectrum of inverters: 1- and 3-phase inverters from 3 kW up to 20 kW PV output

- Connection technology, customer specific configuration: String boxes and generator combiner boxes for an easy and secure string configuration.

Our maxim is thereby to guarantee our customers a high level of quality, efficiency and safety. Our products are characterized by simple and fast installation. As a result, they save time and achieve high yield stability through a coherent networking concept.


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88471 Laupheim, Germany

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