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Energy Storage

Solutions for an autonomous power supply

Phocos AG is among the world's leading manufacturers of solar-powered charge controllers and components for autonomous power supply. Inverters, pico systems and energy-saving appliances such as lamps, refrigeration and freezing appliances supplement the product spectrum.

The core: mains-independent photovoltaic installations

In principle, a PV system consists of four parts: the solar modules, the solar-powered charge controller, the battery and the electrical loads. Phocos solar-powered charge controllers comprise the core of such systems. Their function is to safeguard the battery against overcharging and against discharge in excess of a given limit value. In addition, Phocos charge controllers increase the efficiency of the system as a whole.

Orientation towards market demand

The founders of Phocos AG set their sights particularly on "off-grid" applications: solar-power-based isolated applications with no connection to the central power mains. Especially in the rural regions of developing and emerging economies, the demand for such systems remains high. Yet the demand for mains-independent solar-power system is also continuously on the rise in industrialized nations. The reasons behind this trend lie in lower installation and operation costs, as well as in mobile application options. Phocos solar-powered charge controllers are used, for instance, in street lights or mobile homes and boats to provide an energy supply. Other areas are telecommunications and heavy-industry operations.

On-site production

Phocos contributes to making eco-friendly energy available – even in the most remote regions of the world. To enable the supply of the necessary technology at market-driven prices, Phocos produces its products in the vicinity of the major business markets within China, India and Bolivia. With its German headquarter and its 12 holding companies and services offices, Phocos enjoys a worldwide presence.


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