OPTI International Corporation

Energy Storage

OPTI-Solar was established in 2007 to provide customers with reliable, secure and efficient photovoltaic products. Ever since, we aim to provide customer with convenient choices, easy installation, System reliability, advanced System Management, fast problem Diagnosis & scalable system options. Along our products, we offer complete integrated solutions, making every step easier for the customer. This means that OPTI Solar provides all the estimations and equipment neccesary to install a PV system that is both secure for a home environment & reliable for many years.

We have been working with our partners throughout the world in PV projects ranging from small size 3kW systems to 40kW systems for hospitals in Africa. We also have established centers in Europe to expand the reach of our products and are actively engaging in the European & South American market. As a international company, we look forward to make new partners that can share our same view in different countries, and through hard work and dedication, establish a long-term relationship between us.

Our goal is to create a future dependent on renewable energy as energy source! A world where every user can create their own energy and share this energy amoung others, thus lowering the dependancy on the utility grid!


7 F., No 192 (ViewSonic Building), Lien-Chen Road
23535 Taipei, Taiwan

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