Nidec ASI S.p.A

Energy Storage

As part of the Nidec Group, Nidec ASI is now able to offer a wider range of customers solutions and services as a leading player in the supply of industrial automation systems, power electronics, electric motors and generators in various applications and industries such as Metals, Energy, Marine, Oil & Gas and General Industry.

Ensuring grid stability is at the core of every solution we deliver to the power industry. Our products include turn-key substations for transmission and distributions, as well as variable speed drive systems, electric generators, static excitation systems, power quality solutions, and softstarters for auxiliary equipment for all types of power station, including nuclear and renewable energies.

Whether we are acting as a primary contractor for the installation of a smart microgrid or delivering stand- alone products, our system integrate seamlessly with our existing energy network and equipment.

Rigorous quality assurance system ensure maximum performance, high efficiency and long term reliability. Our experience and in-house VFD technologically allow us to provide flexible and efficient motion and flow control that deliver cost savings, environmental sustainability and other benefits.


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