NEXT ENERGY-EWE-Forschungzentrum fur Energietechnologies e.V.

Energy Storage

NEXT ENERGY researches solutions for the energy supply of tomorrow. With its Research Areas of Energy Systems, Photovoltaics, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage, the Institute is working on key technologies that are of central importance for the transformation of our energy systems.The Photovoltaics Division focusses on product development and building-integrated photovoltaics. Here, environmentally friendly and recyclable thin-film solar cells from the NEXT ENERGY laboratories are mounted on inexpensive, flexible aluminium substrates. Alongside this, the development of glass with semi-transparent or coloured, PV-functionalised properties proceeds apace. In addition, NEXT ENERGY is developing new technologies for the low-cost production of thin-film solar cells. This involves testing of new absorber materials, cell concepts and manufacturing processes.With its new Energy Systems Division, NEXT ENEGY has extended its research portfolio in order to participate actively in the reorientation of the energy market. Any electricity surpluses from renewable sources must be used in an economically sensible way, and self-consumption by the plant operator must also be considered. NEXT ENERGY creates new options for flexibility in the energy system – which can form the basis for new business models – and optimises photovoltaic systems, for example, as part of off-grid networks. In addition, we develop management strategies for the optimal operation of systems as well as conducting laboratory and field trials to test them.This work is carried out in cooperation with the Energy Storage Division. Our materials research on lithium ion and vanadium redox flow technologies is concerned with cell components as well as the development of electrode concepts. We also analyse processes that are characteristic for the operational behaviour of energy storage devices.NEXT ENERGY is a non-profit, independent affiliate institute of the University of Oldenburg and employs a staff of 115 people.


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