Energy Storage

NEWMAX BATTERY is one of the largest and most advanced lead acid battery manufacturers in South Korea. We provide the highest quality and most environmentally friendly lead acid batteries for various deep-cycle applications including Solar Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, UPS, Medical Equipments, Telecommunications, and more. We take pride in providing genuine 'Made-In-Korea' products to all of our customers around the world.

We have been manufacturing and supplying various types of lead acid battery for more than 20 years since 1993 and through continuous innovation we have achieved the level of quality not many companies can compete.  Since 2011 we have become a registered central contractor (CCR) for the United States governement further adding to our reliability.


306 Gongdan-Dong, Gumi-City, Kyungbuk
730-030 Gumi, Korea

Tel: +82 (0) 70 5056 2966

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