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Energy Storage

Services with heart and mind     We see reliability as a long-term investment in our future.

Sure we have as part of a company primarily an interest, to maintain our place in the market in order to secure our personal motives, such as family, professional recognition and a solid, long-term predictable life status.

But why should we not do so as part of an ecologically responsible acting and thinking society?

We all live on one planet. In a solar system. We all consume energy. And when enlightened people of a technologically advanced age, we know that a healthy future only on the basis of renewable energy is possible. And so we dedicate ourselves with our company especially the subjects photovoltaic and fuel cell technology.

Our own research and development department is constantly looking for optimization of energy generation and use potentials. Even in the choice of products that we offer, we attach great importance to sustainability and quality. We build on long-standing, good experience with our partners, who in turn set high standards for themselves. We also attach great importance to transparency and verifiability.

For us, honesty, expertise, responsible commitment and reliability is an essential investment in your confidence and our future.


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26605 Aurich, Germany

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