MK Battery International

Energy Storage

MK Battery is one of the largest sealed lead acid battery suppliers worldwide due to our total commitment to the following core principles:

MK Battery supplies only the highest quality batteries (gel, AGM and flooded deep cycle) that are specifically designed for our customers’ many, varied applications including broadband communications, UPS (uninterruptable power supplies), power wheelchairs, telephony (valve-regulated stationary), solar, marine and electronics.

MK Battery ships fresh inventory fast, often within 24 hours, from a stock of more than 100,000 batteries in multiple distribution centres throughout the world and assists our customers with proper spent battery disposal. (Please note that violation of hazardous waste disposal laws can place heavy penalties on offenders).

MK Battery is genuinely concerned for our customers’ well-being as a long-term partner…. not just a supplier. MK Battery listens to our customers and delivers what you want, when you need it.


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