LOKISA Smart Energy GmbH

Energy Storage

The LOKISA Smart Energy GmbH developes, produces and sells its products under the brand name Smart4Energy. The Smart4Energy brand stands for innovative products in the fields of energy monitoring, -management and storage technology. The business of LOKISA Smart Energy GmbH is motivated by the resolved energy transition and the associated goals such as „increasing energy efficiency“ and „saving unnecessary energy consumption.“ For the goals we developed the following new segments of the energy market „energy monitoring“, „decentralized energy utilization“, „energy management“ and „Smart Home/Building“. We offer innovative solutions from private and commercial sectors up to industiral use.

Be part of the energy transition with Smart4Energy.


Trierer Straße 53a
53894 Mechernich-Vussem, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 2484 918292

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