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Energy Storage

We are a regional power utilities in Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg.  Lechwerke provide both electricity and gas products and all energy-related services such as contracting, energy certificates and energy controlling.  As a partner of the municipalities LEW is also active in the field of street lighting as well as the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects and comprehensive energy concepts.  Under the umbrella of Lech Werke AG (LEW) of sales, energy procurement and cross-sectional and control functions for the LEW Group are bundled.

 The LEW distribution GmbH is the network operator in the grid area of ​​Lech Werke AG, the Überlandwerk Krumbach GmbH and in parts of the urban area Augsburg.  The company is responsible for the network management and planning, expansion and maintenance of lines and power plants.  The net area of ​​Lechwerke largely coincides with the administrative region of Bavarian Swabia, but also sufficient in parts of Upper Bavaria.  Operate on AC power supplied LEW more than one million people with energy.  When Bayerische Elektrizitätswerke GmbH (BEW) all production activities of the LEW Group are summarized.  The BEW is one of the leading hydropower plant operators in Bavaria.  In the 35's and operation by power plants on the Danube, Iller, Günz, Lech and Wertach it annually produces more than 1 billion kWh of environmentally friendly electricity from renewable hydropower.  Also provides BEW companies and municipalities diverse services around the topic of energy.  These include comprehensive energy concepts as well as decentralized solutions for power and heat generation.  The offer of LEW Netzservice GmbH at businesses and municipalities includes solutions for the electric power infrastructure such as the planning and construction of power plants and other technical services.

 The subsidiary LEW TelNet is a private communications network in Bavarian Swabia and neighboring areas, as well as a broad portfolio of services a leading provider of data communication in the region.  The LEW TelNet GmbH provides enterprise customers besides broadband Internet access services in the areas of IT security, data center, site connectivity, network, telephony and mobile working.  Municipalities LEW TelNet provides concepts for sustainable deployment of broadband networks.

 The LEW Service & Consulting GmbH is responsible for the areas of customer service, IT, human resources and infrastructure services as well as for commercial services.

 Lechwerke AG is part of the RWE Group.


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