Energy Storage

IMEON ENERGY designs and manufactures premium, high efficiency Smart Grid inverters for solar self-consumption that are able to manage a variety of traditional and alternative energy sources and configurations in Smart-Grid, Back-up, Off-Grid, Grid-tie modes all in one inverter. The self-consumption concept of IMEON ENERGY Smart Grid inverters is to directly consume one's own solar production, charge batteries with the surplus of solar power, and feed-in to the grid only if there is further excess of solar production. Autonomy and independence are therefore the key promise for the end customer to use what they produce.

IMEON Smart Grid inverters are the ideal solution also incase of frequent grid failure or power cuts, unstable grid voltage and frequency variation. Such instability is accomodated by IMEON smart inverters to stabilise and provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with batteries, regardless of the state of the grid with th. In such applications, the batteries life is prolonged almost four-fold, as there is minimal battey charge-discharge cycling. Lithium battery technology is possible with a selection of battery manufacturers.

IMEON Smart Grid inverters combine the functions of multiple standalone products into one ergonomically designed system: MPPT solar charger, off-grid inverter, battery charger, grid-tie inverter, local and remote communication interface. The integrated design of the IMEON Smart Grid inverter results in increased optimization and reliability of system components with the added space saving benefit of a single solid state slimline unit.

IMEON ENERGY's latest range of smart inveretrs are the result of over five years of R&D and testing over thousands of off-grid and grid-tie applications in France, Europe and Africa. The result is an industry leading inverter boasting a 30% efficiency advantage over traditional systems, with the beauty of instant plug-and-play technology with global control and real-time monitoring via smartphone app.


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