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Energy Storage

GUSTAV KLEIN was founded 1948 in Schongau. 1969 our subsidiary firm was established in Austria (in Inzing, near to Innsbruck). In both factories the firm GUSTAV KLEIN has about 260 employees.

GUSTAV KLEIN developed and produced uninterruptible power supplies UPS for DC- and AC load until 2 MW, as well as frequency converters, rectifiers, inverters, DC-converters as well as test and simulation systems for batteries and grid. The produced systems have a max. power of 500 kVA per block and a system power of max. 4 MW.

The new intelligent bidirectional Converter AIC (Active Infeed Converter; up to 500 kVA single bloc) for Smart-Grid solutions makes it possible with the help of the different battery systems to support and to regulate (island) the grid or to supply peak load conver.

These energy storage systems have to have their own BMS (battery management system).

The AIC has its internal intelligence however it can be controlled also by a central leading system. Should this fail, it can go over to its own regulation.


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