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Pushing the boundaries in fine-tuning high-performance generators, developping systems with the scope og energy demande and the environmental requirements our our time, pushing the limits of hybridization, combining and mastering energy sources and creating Off Grid micro-networks under extreme conditions. These are the challenges that GELEC faces everyday.

Stand-alone electricity generation, for emergencies or back-up, means reliability and faultless adaptation to your facilities' needs. Our study office's engineers create tailor-made solutions, by integrating intelligent clean systems to optimise you production.

HKUB : First full hybrid electric generator

The HKUB revolutionises the universe of electric generators by displaying the amount of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and unprecedented feature. The precise interaction of the thermal motor, back-ups and energy flows, provides an optimal combination of efficiency and power. This smart energy managment and storage ensures a significant gain in autonomy, reduces consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by one third, and lengthens the lifespan of the generators. Almost silent, the HKUB is incomparable in its comfort of use.


THE HPOD manages all the available energy sources and stores the power they produce to provide continuous electricity and to re-distribute it as required. It is a true micro-power station. In network or micro-network configuration, the HPOD can be powered by any source of energy (AC and DC) : mains power supply, wind turbine, solar power, generating set, etc. The HPOD is able to control consumption by providing load-shedding functions over one or more circuits.

Creator of Off-Grid solutions, GELEC develops tailor-made micro-networks, which are transportable, mobile or integrated. Its know-how and experience in electricity genration enable it to respond to constraints and problems of communities living on isolated sites.


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