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Energy Storage

Forsee Power is a battery system battery integrator established in Europe, North America and China. Forsee Power is specialized in the design and manufacturing of battery systems for three growing and innovative markets: Electric transport (railway, bus and trucks, marine..) Energy Storage (UPS, residential and microgrid storage) Mobile & Portable equipment (e-mobility, power tools, medical, security etc..) Thanks to privileged access to high profile cell manufacturers and its unique know-how in battery system integration, Forsee Power offers to its customers a large portfolio of technologies like

      - Lithium-ion : NMC, LTO

      - Super Capacitors

Based on partnerships with all main players we cover a wide range of products for Energy Storage Market. Energy & Power NMC System. This battery pack contains high energy and high power NMC pouch cell technology, liquid cooling and superior software and electronics. Ideal for electric transport and stationary market High Power NMC: contains high energy NMC 18650 cylindrical cell. Designed for stationary market  All our battery systems have integrated superior software and electronics (BMS, BMC, PDU, Master BMS etc..)


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