Fenecon GmbH & Co. KG

Energy Storage

The mission to develop the best storage systems with the most comprehensive functions characterizes the young company and the close relationship as “Official Innovation Partner” with the Chinese enterprise BYD. FENECON is responsible for development, planning, distribution and after-sales-service of BYD energy storage systems in Germany.

Customer orientation in development connected with pioneering topics like grid-parallel non-feed-in operating mode, tax-free self-consumption, 5-connections-concept and a combination of emergency power system, uninterrupted power supply and island-mode capability show the strong power of innovation of FENECON “ENERGY ENGINEERING”.

With the B-Box, PRO Compact, PRO Hybrid and COMMERCIAL series FENECON GmbH & Co. KG meets all size requirements from single family house to agriculture up to the large companies. Additionally the company optimizes energy self-coverage with its energy monitoring and management solutions and plans and distributes district and large storage systems for industrial use and applications in the energy balancing market.


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94469 Deggendorf, Germany

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