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Energy Storage

We make energy GREEN The solar storage system family ET EnergieS® for photovoltaic systems!

ET EnergieS® is a brand of ET SolarPower GmbH. ET SolarPower is a manufacturer of electrical solar storage systems and photovoltaic project specialist. Our systems are developed in-house and produced at our factory in Hockenheim. The systems are available with lithium or lead/gel batteries.

The storage technology not only enables solar energy to be economically stored. Wind turbine systems, combined heat and power stations and similar power stations can be coupled to the ET EnergieS®. Storing electrical solar energy enables the self-generated energy to be used later. By storing the energy, it can be made available where it is needed!

Competence  We have many years of experience in the renewable energy sector and have made it our goal to use our optimised processes and world-class products and service to become Germany's leading provider of intelligent solar energy storage systems for homes and small businesses.

Quality management - for the customer's benefit  Our benchmark is the quality of our products. This is always why we strive towards the best possible quality and never rest on our laurels. Our company boasts an effective quality management system, which is certified in line with the process-oriented standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We always achieve impressive results in annual audits carried out by TÜV.


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