Energy Depot GmbH

Energy Storage

Energy Depot Ltd. was founded in April 2014 . The headquarters is in Kreuzlingen , Switzerland .

Energy Depot is dedicated to the research and production of energy storage systems , energy management systems , PV monitoring systems and energy saving systems .

Energy Depot was founded by Roland Burkhardt . He is an expert in solar photovoltaic industry . As early as 1985 he worked in the photovoltaic chair at the University of Konstanz in research of solar cells . Later he founded his own solar company . He has 29 years of experience in photovoltaic technology , production , management and international business .

Our vision is to find the best solution for our customers .

With the development of the global photovoltaics market , we are convinced that the market for high-quality energy management and storage systems will grow .

On this basis, energy Depot has a responsibility to supply all products with best quality and good service .


Breitenäckerliweg 11
8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0) 71 670 1765

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