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Energy Storage

The use of photovoltaic solar power is an important step to ensure a cleaner and safer future.

Efacec positions itself as a main-contractor of Photovoltaic Power Plants, leveraging on more than 100 years of history of the Group as an electrical equipment manufacturer.

We use in our PV Plants the Group offer for the main equipment, or equipment from third parties. The Group counts with more than 100 experts fully allocated to R&D activities, in many technological areas that are key to guarantee the performance of each of our PV Plants.

So either using Efacec equipment or a third party supply, you are assured to have contracted your PV Plant to a company that has in-house specialists that will lead to a successful construction.

Beside Efacec capabilities as contractor, we manufacture some key components of a solar power plant as: PV Inverters (up to 900kW), Transformers, MV Switchgear, SCADA Systems and Plant Supervision.

Efacec manufactures and has developed a PV inverter range from 100kW up to 1,8MW.

A century-long experienced company in providing power conversion product solutions, Efacec joins its major competences in PV inverters, MV Switchgear, Power Transformers and Monitoring/Control Systems, in order to offer advanced fully integrated photovoltaic converter stations with 100% own technology.

Also available Hybrid systems and Energy Storage Converter Stations.


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