easyLi Advance Battery Systems

Energy Storage

easyLi is a French designer and manufacturer of custom battery systems and turnkey energy storage solutions based on Lithium-ion technologies.

•Quality: Lithium-ion cells from global producers qualified in its electrochemical laboratory, dedicated electronic control units (BMS) demonstrated design methodologies based on 30 years of cumulated experience allow easyLi to guarantee the reliability and durability of its products up to ten years (depending on applications and environment).

•Local Services: easyLi's multi-language local teams are able to quickly implement any product customizations required by its customers, providing them with a clear time-to-market competitive advantage. easyLi's highly flexible manufacturing organization is designed for satisfying just-in-time deliveries all across Europe.

•Independence: easyLi is independent to any Lithium-ion cell producers and uses the best suited Lithium-ion chemistries to the performance and durability and cost specifications of its customers. easyLi guarantees to its customers battery solutions at the forefront of innovation and providing an optimized Total Cost of Ownership.


8 rue des Frères Montgolfier
86100 Chatellerault, France

Tel: +33 (0) 586 161 000

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