DIJIYA Energy Saving Technology Inc.

Energy Storage

DIJIYA Energy is a high-tech Taiwanese enterprise and specialized in the development and mass productions of lithium-ion battery (LiFePO4) cell, module/ pack, PV Energy Saving Package with LiFePO4 Battery, Starter Battery and Portable Electric Scooter.

We produce three types of LiFePO4 battery cells below.

First, High Discharging Rate Type: Application for Starter Battery、Generator.

Second, Power Type: Application for Electric Car/ Bus/ Truck and other Vehicles.

Third, Energy Saving Type: Application for all kinds of Electricity Storage such as Solar, Wind, Telecom…etc.

We have achieved great success and are able to produce consistent battery cells capable of high discharge rate with optimal performance at competitive prices to our valued clients around the world.

We promote PV Energy Saving Package with LiFePO4 Battery right now.

Features of PV Energy Saving Packages:    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology    Integrate main devices into one 19”/23” standard Rack    Long service life; High operationalsafety    MeetsLow Voltage Directive VDE-AR-N 4105    3-phasePower consumption output    Up to 30% State funding possible    Meetsrequirements of EEG and KfW funding    Bundled Power Management Software    7 yearswarranty replacement value


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33341 Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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