Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Sonnenergie (DGS) e.V

Energy Storage

Who are we  

The German Solar Energy Society eV was founded in 1975 in Munich.  Since 1989 she is also the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), the German section.  The German Solar Energy Society eV is a registered association at its headquarters in Munich under the number 8719 club.  Your statutory activity is nationwide recognized as charitable.  The DGS is still a recognized consumer association pursuant to Section 22 AGBG.  It represents the interests of consumers and users in the fields of renewable energy and the rational use of energy.  The German Solar Energy Society eV is active nationwide.

Our goals  

The main objective of the association's work is the change in the energy industry to a sustainable economy through the widespread introduction of renewable energies.  Therefore, the German Solar Energy Society also supports emphatically all measures to introduce energy-saving techniques and the rational use of energy.  The DGS aims with their work to improve the technical capabilities but also the social and legal framework for renewable energies to.  As part of its work, the DGS considered the promotion of research on renewable energy and the implementation of research results obtained in the practice as an important content of their activities.  Therefore, the provision of education on renewable energy and the free dissemination of information on this topic is given special attention in the association's work.

The German Society for Solar Energy Society will also be understood as an intermediary between scientists, engineers, architects, construction, craft, industry, authorities and parliaments.  These should be brought to the table by the work of DGS to towards sustainability and increased use to achieve the necessary energy transition renewables.


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